Bruce park

Bruce Park

Rebuilding a BDD Testing Framework (ESpec): Foundations in Metaprogramming

You're a Test-Driven Development disciple, but you're a little iffy on this whole metaprogramming thing and it's something you don't feel comfortable using in your day to day programming.

If you've looked through the ExUnit codebase, or its RSpec-inspired cousin, ESpec (RSpec is a Ruby on Rails testing framework), you've probably noticed the defmacro keyword. That's because these test frameworks make use of metaprogramming to give you those lovely DSL's.

Don't know what the defmacro keyword does? Don't worry.

Even if you've never used Elixir's metaprogramming features before, come learn how to do it by seeing a real-life application of them. During this talk, we will rebuild a small part of our own version of ESpec. We'll duck and weave through Elixir's basic metaprogramming features all while building out test assertions and error messages, and you'll gain a whole new appreciation for metaprogramming.

About Bruce Park: Bruce currently works as a developer at a company called Versus Systems based in Los Angeles, California. He occasionally contributes to Elixir open source libraries such as ESpec, a popular testing framework. In his spare time, he likes reading Tom Clancy novels and swimming along with a cup of coffee.