Aaron harpole

Aaron Harpole

You might say I have 🕶 mix feelings

Yes, Elixir’s great, it’s based on Erlang, making it fault tolerant and scalable. But a few months with it day-to day, am I still singing its praises?

About Aaron Harpole: Originally hailing from the Midwest, Aaron made the trek out to Los Angeles in 2010 to work for one of those exciting internet startups he’d been hearing so much about. Since then, he’s led teams at LA-based startups Fullscreen and Ring, both of which are all grown up now. He currently works at Carbon Five, where he’s been working with such languages as Ruby (his long time favorite) and more recently Elixir (current frontrunner to become new long time favorite). His clicky keyboard collection grows at a rate of about 1 per 1.4 months, but he can stop whenever he wants.