Gray sarah

Sarah Gray

Closing Keynote - LA 2018

About Sarah Gray: Sarah has been a software developer since 2001, when she was spit out of grad school from ITP, NYU’s interactive technology program. Prior to that, she’d been directing experimental theater, which gradually led her deeper and deeper into technology and code. Since 2001, she’s worked on a cross-section of projects across different industries. Highlights include building medical software at Mt. Sinai Hospital; leading the technology integration for startup Trunk Club when they were acquired by Nordstrom; and working on Hillary Clinton’s tech team in Brooklyn. In 2017 she learned how to program for the Ethereum blockchain, because in The Future (TM) we will all be on the blockchain. Sarah’s career is predicated on a mix of exploring the new while maintaining solid software development practices in order to make projects come to life. Because of her dual background in coding and experimental performance, she is constantly playing with forms, and putting together new, short-lived (theater-life-span) projects. We’re excited for Sarah to bring her breadth of experience to keynote at Empex LA!