LA Civic Hack Retreat

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Los Angeles

Saturday, August 4, 2018

What better way to celebrate our love of Elixir than to invite you, a member of the growing Elixir community, to an unprecedented event: a civic hacking retreat in a mansion with a pool!

We'll be spending the day hanging out together collaborating on projects that benefit the general community. You'll make new friends who share your curiosity about Elixir while building an application to benefit the people and city of Los Angeles. You'll share ideas with like-minded Elixirists and learn some new skills. We'll have veteran Elixirists on hand to answer questions so no one feels stuck or lost.

In true LA fashion, we're hosting this special event in a luxurious, private mansion featuring a grill, pool, and hot tub. Why choose between having your mind expanded and enjoying some summer fun when you can have both! There will be plenty to eat and drink. You can take breaks to mingle and cool off in the pool, or don't -- you can also just stay heads down solving some tough problems. It's really up to you!

Join us for an exciting experience that will be fun and educational for all!

Those of you who have attended or heard of EMPEX conferences know we host unforgettable events. Come meet us again, or for the first time. This could be the start of something beautiful.

A Dope Mansion (With a Pool)

Find it on Google Maps 3537 Berry Dr, Studio City, CA 91604
Car icon Limited parking, we recommend ride-sharing

Civic Hack Retreat Q & A

Even if you've just heard of Elixir last week, we'll set you up to learn, collaborate, and have fun. Of course if you're well-seasoned, that's great too.

Participants will work in teams of two.

You can sign up as a duo or be matched as a single. To sign up as a team, each team member must buy their own ticket. During registration you'll be able to enter your teammate's name.

We will pair you up with another participant. Just leave the Teammate field blank during registration and we'll take care of it. It's a great way to meet people!

Teams will be collaborating to develop an Elixir application or library that somehow benefits the city or residents of Los Angeles. City datasets will be made available to teams looking to integrate this data into their applications

There will be a pre-retreat get-together where teams can introduce themselves and decide on a project. That way we can hit the ground running on the day of the retreat.

A pool of experienced Elixir developers will be available at the swimming pool to answer questions and help you level up your knowledge. You can "check out" one of our experts from the pool once per hour.

The goal is to give you a chance to hack on something without getting stuck. We're here to help!

We'll serve light morning snacks, coffee throughout the day, lunch, an afternoon snack, and a light dinner.

That's cool too.

There's a little bit of street parking, but it's a residential neighborhood. We strongly recommend taking an Uber/Lyft and not worrying about it.

Your laptop, swim trunks, and a towel.


Doors open / Registration
Grab a bagel and stake out a room.
Something you can eat quickly.
Last Commit
The Deadline.
Last Call
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Our Pool of Experts

This is your chance to learn from the Los Angeles area's most experienced Elixir developers. They'll answer your questions and help you move forward.

Bowe desmond

Desmond Bowe

Desmond is the founder of EMPEX and a cohost of the popular ElixirTalk podcast. He also runs Crevalle, an Elixir training and development firm. In his free time he trims his mustache and plays pinball.


Will Ockelmann-Wagner

Will is a software developer at Carbon Five. He started his career in accounting, but found that automating his job away was more fun than the actual job, and moved over to software. He’s into typed functional programming and tiny keyboards.


Bowe desmond

Tony Delgado-Willis


Jack Eisenberg


Hannah Howard


Rosemary Ledesma


Will Ockelmann-Wagner


Bruce Park


Sarah Port